Welcome to the Gravesend Airport Heritage Project website – very much a ‘work in progress’, but ultimately this will be the ‘go-to’ internet resource for information about or connected with the former airport and airbase at Gravesend in Kent

Gravesend Airport Heritage Project

Gravesend Airport Heritage Project is a group set-up to research, explore and commemorate the wartime RAF station at Gravesend in Kent and its former existence as London East Airport. The Project owes its existence to a Facebook Group founded in November 2013, which showed that there was an active group of people interested in exploring and keeping-alive the Airport’s history and also, that there was generally a lack of knowledge elsewhere, of the role that this site played in the early years of aviation and during World War II

This website is not intended to be a replacement for the Facebook Group; which we continues as the main ‘discussion’ area of the Project. This website is intended to be a repository for images and other media relating to the Airport; that is searchable and accessible in a way that is not possible within the Facebook format.


This website contains a wealth of knowledge about Gravesend Airport and its history – with much more still to be uploaded and published. A good deal of this has only recently been rediscovered and brought together in one place. Various individuals and organisations have kindly allowed us to reproduce their material here – and we are always happy to acknowledge any sources where we may not already have done so.

However, the foundation for all of this has always been the earlier work of the  Gravesend Airport Research Group, consisting of Ray Munday, the late Philip Connolly and the late Ron Neudegg. Together they produced the book “Gravesend Airport in Photographs”; which for a long time was the go-to source for images off the airport.

The majority (probably all) of the photographs from those books have been made available to us by Ray Munday and Ron Neudegg’s family and our grateful thanks go to them, for allowing us to try to fulfil their wishes to “spread the word” and make their work accessible to more people. In turn; it has to be mentioned that much of the ‘core’ of the photographic archive is down to the efforts of amateur photographer Sidney Parsonson, a long-time worker at the airport; without whose original interest and work, this archive would be significantly smaller.

We would also mention that we have only recently come across the work of another airport ‘champion’, Ivor Owens, another researcher working at a time when research was more difficult than it is now.  Some of Ivor’s work is now being featured within this site as well.

A massive thank you to all who have contributed in whatever way. All should be acknowledged within the site. Please let us know, should we have not done so.

Photo Policy

The content of our photo library has been obtained from many sources; as have the photos used within the website generally.

Many of the photos are out of copyright, or in the public domain. Where they are not and it has been reasonably possible to do so, we have obtained the permission of the copyright owner, to post their photos. However, we are bound to have photographs in this archive that we do not necessarily have the legal right to publish.

We fully respect copyright and would be pleased to attribute photos to their rightful owners, in return for permission to use them, We will of course also remove copyright content if requested to do so – though we would hope that due to the nature of this project, that would not be necessary.

If you have the legal ownership of any image that we are hosting on the GAHP website, or any associated site or forum and you wish to advise us of your interest, please contact us via this link.