Gravesend Airport Memory Book

“Games & Planes” a book of “Memories of Westcourt, Chalk & Gravesend Airport in the 1940s” is a fascinating read. Compiled and produced between 2009 and 2012, it brought-together the recollections of more than fifty residents of the area at the time and in so doing revealed a great deal more than is otherwise obtainable through official records.

Just a few years on; some of those original contributors are sadly no longer with us and there are of course fewer people overall who remember the airport. We are therefore launching the “Gravesend Airport Memory Book”, in the hope of using the power of the internet to collect memories of the Airport, at any point in time – not just the War. It might be memories of flying, or Essex Aero; maybe Car Production, or the Air Shows; or even playing on the airfield as a child. We know those memories exist – many people have posted them on our Facebook Groups. But what we are trying to do, is collect those memories in a more ordered and accessible way. Please do consider sharing your recollections of this very important but virtually forgotten airport. Thank you.