The Law Hangar

Gravesend’s landmark “Law Hangar” was built by A & A J Law Ltd of 132 Kingston Road, Merton SW19. The main span was 130 feet, with a door opening of 100 feet and door height of 20 feet. The construction pictures are from 1933 and the last two photos show the hangar in its later location on the Baxter-Fell site in Northfleet, in 1991.

The Baxter-Fell site  is now owned by Seacon, who responded to our 2014 enquiry, thus…

“Unfortunately we have to confirm the hangar was demolished in early 1996 to makeway for a new warehouse complex. At the time we did approach the RAF and a local historical society to see if they wanted to come and dismantle and remove prior to demolition. From what I can remember whilst there was some interest the costs were so prohibitive nobody was prepared to pursue the project.”


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